About Me

Hello Terry Wood here and welcome to my blog.  I would just like to share a little information about me, my life, and what my site is all about.

I am a 46 year-old father to three lovely little girls and husband to a very beautiful loving wife, whom I don’t deserve.  I work a very demanding full time job as a Level 3 NDE (Non Destructive Testing Examiner) that requires keen attention to detail and a great deal of time away from my terrific family.  However, the time we do have to share during family time is unmatched because we believe in having balls of fun.  My children are all undiscovered comedians to say the least.

The above served and continues to serve as a catalyst as to why I have established a business of my own.  But before I actually settled on the avenue chosen, I spent a small fortune on every product under the sun trying to find something that actually worked.  SEO, Niche Marketing, one-button (dreaming) software, network marketing….name it, I bought it.  While any of these will work, I have found that by directing my attention to one of these will work but FOCUS-ing was and is key.

I just fell for too much of the hype for the products being offered and suffered from severe information overload as well as the feeling of “this one will work this time” mentality; the “shiny object” syndrome where I often said to myself, “Oh yes!  I definitely can do this one”.  None of it worked for me because I did not focus long enough to ensure they worked.  As for the few I did focus on, they were the hype-filled products with the “push this button and make thousands”.  They don’t work!

I must share this one thing with you that I believe; no matter what you choose to do for your business — CPA, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, etc — the one common thing we all must have is TRAFFIC!  I found that nothing is gained without traffic to my offer; no money, no insight, no establishment of relationships.  Nothing happens without traffic.  And I found out the hard way that if I wanted to be my own boss then mastering traffic was a must.

Now I still work my full time job and still spend a great deal of time away from my family but as I adventure into this chosen journey I am finding it easier to accomplish my goal of being my own boss and helping others to become their own boss by only recommending tips, programs, and people that are proven to be reliable.

I have found that focus and as I succeed we succeed for I will gladly share and recommend only those products that have been proven to work.  I look forward to traveling with you as you take flight into your dream as well.

Unto next time.

Terry Wood