The Great Dilemma – Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

The debate as to which is better between free traffic and paid traffic yet rages on.  It is often stated that free traffic takes too long and doesn’t work, or that paid traffic just takes a marketer’s money and just doesn’t produce any good results.

In any case, it really doesn’t matter because both can rob you of the one commodity more precious than gold; that is time especially if you don’t know what you are doing.  For instance, SEO does take a long time if not done properly.  Your site is set up with no tags or keywords which makes it difficult for search engines to find your site.  On the other hand, your Facebook ad costs are through the roof with a negative ROI or Return on Investment.

But there are many other free methods to choose from such as Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, blog posting, etc. for which you can make a nice income from as well as paid methods such as google ads, bing ads, media buys, solo ads, etc.

My advice regardless to free or paid is to choose a method, learn it, use it then move to the next one.  I chose video because this is where the marketing world is migrating to more and more.

If you would like a headstart with video I suggest you click here to get your free video cheat-sheet to get started.

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